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FNMI Learning Opportunities and Resources by Jenelee Jones

Posted on January 16, 2018 at 1:38 pm

Good Morning Everyone,

Yesterday afternoon I was at the second FNMI Think Tank meeting and some really great resources and PD opportunities were shared with us. I thought I would send them along.

I have attached four flyers for upcoming PD that is being put on by the CRC. Three of these PD opportunities are only 15$ and one is free. Donna Ross, who has put together the FNMI Think Tank sessions is also in charge of organizing many of these sessions and I really think they would be worthwhile.
There is also information for a webinar that is free of cost.

In addition to these, Donna is hosting a Spring eCourse that might be of interest. This course is also free of cost.
eCourse Link:

A few of the resources we looked at together also seem really worth while.

The CRC has added a section to their website called SmartTalk. There is a little video that will give you some info about it on the main page. If you then click on the My Communities section it allows you to sign up. Signing up is free until around January 20 (I forget the exact date). I would encourage everyone to sign up before the 20th. There are some awesome resources that other educators have recommended. It is also an awesome forum to ask questions, share your ideas, connect with other educators. There are a variety of online communities you can register for in most disciplines. There are FNMI connections and other topics as well. It is worth having a look!
SmartTalk Link:

Finally, we were introduced to a book by Linda Tuhiwai Smith called “Decolonizing Methodologies: Research and Indigenous People”. It is a longer read, but it is a great resource. I have started reading it and it really is eye opening and quite humbling. There are also some ideas that would be cool to adapt and use in the classroom in the section titled, Twenty Five Indigenous Projects. I have attached a screen shot that gives a little bit more info. I have a PDF version of the book. If anyone would like to have this copy, please let me know. I think the file is too big to attach to this email.

Sitting in these Think Tank meetings has allowed me the opportunity to connect with some very open and helpful people. There are members of larger boards who are open to collaborating with us and sharing their experiences (and resources) so if you have any questions, ideas, desires, hopes – please let me know. We might be able to connect with someone who is wiling to work with your grade team and your girls.

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