The Exploring and Understanding of Fractions Rosalind Carson by Michelle Hopper

May 6th, 2017

​I have always enjoyed math PD sessions with Rosalind, though I almost wish I would have attended this one previous to teaching grade 7 math, as opposed to currently teaching grade 8 math.  Much of what we did it this session was more of an introduction for understanding fractions, and I benefited more from that at the previous sessions I had attended.
She began this session with a number line activity, which I did with my students last year and even again this year as an intro activity into fractions, integers etc.  Essentially, you create a number line along a wall or board with string/ribbon, and write various cards that students take turns placing along the number line.  You can adapt it to the area of study – fractions, integers, algebra etc. and it’s a great way to think about the value and placement of numbers.
I did enjoy the paper fraction strips she handed out for us to cut out and use in conjunction with a number line, as a way to determine equivalent fractions, add/subtract fractions etc.  It was neat to place the strips along a number line (measured to fit accurately) and see whether 2/3 add 1/8 would be less than or greater than one whole, along with determining equivalent fractions.
We also played with pattern blocs that were various shapes, and organized them into patterns that represented parts of a whole.

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